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Bring home the elegance of the Parthenon.

Greek Doric Columns
The distinguishing characteristics of the Greek Doric Order is the absence of a base, and the height of the column in ratio to its diameter. When used in true architectural proportions, the height of the column, including capital, is five and one-half diameters. Normally fluted, the Greek Doric has 20 flutes, with no fillets, so the flutes come to a peak. The depth of the flute is approximately 1/6 of the flute width. Greek Doric columns in antiquity are found on the Parthenon in Athens.
Simplicity gives your design center stage.

Tuscan Columns
The distinguishing characteristic of the Tuscan Order is simplicity. Seldom fluted, the minimal mouldings and stylishly clean lines provide a robust appearance. When used in true architectural proportions, the height of the column, including capital and base, is seven diameters. Tuscan columns in antiquity are found on the Temple of Piety in Rome.
Classic design reaches new heights.

Roman Doric Columns
The Roman Doric order features an increase of decorative moldings over the Tuscan Order. Vignola’s Denticulated Doric Cap has a stepped, three-fillet support of the echinus instead of the single-fillet support of the Tuscan Order. The Doric base is similar to the Tuscan, but the addition of bead above the torus molding is an elegant embellishment. According to Vignola, the height of the Doric Column including cap and base should be eight diameters. Vignola's Denticulated Doric is imitated closely from the Theater of Marcellus.
Added embellishments create impressive spaces.

The distinguishing features of the Ionic Order are the scrolls that decorate the capital of the column. These scrolls derived their intriguing shape from the shell of the Nautilus. The most common representations of the Ionic Order include columns with 24 flutes separated by fillets that are about one-third their width. Ionic shafts are placed on decorative Attic Bases. Customarily, the Ionic Order column height including capital and base is nine diameters. A prime example of the Ionic Order as it was used in Rome is the Temple of Fortuna Virilis.
Make it the crowning jewel of your project.

Columns of the Corinthian Order are crowned with an inverted bell-shaped capital. The capital is richly adorned with Acanthus leaves. This column is almost always fluted. Like the Ionic, the Corinthian column exhibits 24 flutes and an Attic Base. The height of Corinthian columns, including capital and base, is typically ten diameters. This is a common Roman order that was used on the Temple of Mars Ultor.
Old-Fashioned Warmth and Beauty

Traditional Hardwood
Incorporating the design characteristics and quaity manufacturing you’ve come to expect from Turncraft, our new Traditional Hardwood column line allows more home owners the classic beauty of hardwood columns in an affordable price range with reduced lead time. Stain-grade interior columns are fashioned from four of our most popular wood species: Cherry, Red Oak, Hard Maple and African Mahogany. All Traditional Hardwood columns feature matching wood Caps and Bases. Available both unfluted and fluted.
TimeSaver Cap and Base

• Patent pending pressure tabs
• Made out of fiber-reinforced recycled ABS (acrylonitrile butadiense styrene)
• Designed for use on round FRP columns in 8", 10", and 12" sizes
• Made with 95‰ recycled material
• Extremely strong and durable
• Self aligning with no fasteners
• Excellent paint adhesion
• Fast installation
TimeSaver Railing Adapter Bracket

Our TimeSaver railing adapter bracket solves the age old problem of attaching a railing system to the decorative base of a round column. Simply use one of these new brackets to make an attractive attachment to our 8", 10", and 12" round Tuscan bases. Brackets are available in two different heights, allowing them to be used with just about any railing system on the market.
New Copper or Aluminum Flashing

Turncraft is now offering real flashing for our most popular sizes of columns - the 8", 10", and 12" round and square Poly-Classic® FRP columns with Tuscan caps. Flashing is available in either copper or aluminum. Flashing is 3/4" larger than abacus size, to be folded over the edges of the cap, held in place with construction adhesive (not supplied). Flashing for other sizes and styles of caps are available. Call for more information.
Install Kit

For structural FRP columns, the install kit consists of 4 ABS brackets (2 for top of column and 2 for bottom) and fasteners required for standard installation. We recommend 2 kits for columns 16" and up: this will allow the installer to use 4 brackets at the top and bottom of the column. When installed, the cap and base will conceal these brackets and hardware.
Split Kit

Each kit contains six nylon locking straps with 1/8" spacers and on quart (1.85 lb.) automotive body filler. For columns over 12 foot in height, two kits will be required per column. Turncraft recommends using an abrasive (Carborundum or similar) or carbide blade to trim the shaft. Split columns are not load bearing.
Ornamental Capitals

Designed with crisp, true architectural detail, Turncraft Ornamental Capitals artfully capture natural themes and images. Made from composite materials that offer increased durability and low maintenance, ornamental capitals are available for most round Poly-Classic column sizes.
Finishes by the Mirage Group

Made from today's most advanced materials, Turncraft Poly-Classic® Columns provide not only the look-and-feel of natural stone, but are now available in dramatic Marble-Classic™ finishes.
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