Architectural Series

  • Architecturally Correct Detail
  • All Orders of Classical Columns
  • Correct Proportions or Custom Designs
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Widest Range of Styles & Sizes
  • Any Wood Species
  • Factory Options: Priming & Asphalt Coating
  • Cedar Columns 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Timeless Decorative Capitals Available

Comparison of the Orders


Turncraft Architectural wood columns are our premier product for precise attention to detail both in design and quality. Unlike FRP columns, where the manufacturing processes dictate some alterations to details, our wood columns are closest to true architectural specifications such as proportion, fluting and entasis (taper or bow).

Architectural columns are best proportioned when following the suggestions of William Ware (The American Vignola), Robert Chitham (The Classic Orders of Architecture), Palladio and others to emulate the ancient architecture of Greece and Rome. The illustration “Comparison of the Orders” shows how the height and diameter ratio affects columns of a similar diameter. Tip: to determine the correct diameter for a column in the height you need, simply divide the height by the diameter factor given below the style chosen. For example, at a two-story height of 198”, an Ionic column (9 diameters) should be 22” in diameter (198/9=22), or a Tuscan column (7 diameters) should be 28” in diameter.

In addition to the round columns shown, Turncraft Architectural can provide wood  columns in nonarchitectural proportions, in many plan types, including squares, octagons and pilasters, either straight or tapered, as well as coupled columns, and other custom configurations.

Using our computerized lathes, our wood columns typically have the correct column entasis (taper or bow) – the lower one-third of the shaft is straight, and the upper two-thirds has a diminishing taper. The “Entasis Taper” illustration shows precisely how this is generated. We also have the ability to customize the shaft taper. For example, straight tapers are common, as well as barrel columns where the center of the shaft is larger than both ends.

For exterior use, the recommended wood for shafts is cedar because of it’s inherent resistance to insects and wood rot, and carries a ten year limited warranty. Pine is also available, with a one year limited warranty. Cap and base for exterior columns are usually polyurethane (up to 16” columns) or fiberglass (18” and larger).

For interior use, Turncraft is able to manufacture columns from a wide variety of woods. Paint grade woods are typically finger-jointed pine or poplar, and stain grade can be practically any species imaginable.

Our most popular stain grade species are red oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, alder, and walnut. The examples here show the differences in grain and color. However it’s best to keep in mind that the finish used affects the final color, so this isn’t an exact match.


Turncraft Architectural Series

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